Thursday, 6 May 2010

JR and Women are Heroes.

Life in the Favelas of Rio....

The latest brief we have been given revolves around the 2016 summer olympics which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Apart from choosing an olympic sport to focus on I decided to really do my research and get under the skin of this vibrant city. I focused mainly on the communities living in the Favelas of Rio. 15% of Rio's 11.1 million strong population live below the poverty line (

Poverty, Gangs, Drug trafficking and gun crime are rife in the favelas and much of this is swept under the carpet, out of the public eye in favour of the popular images associated with Rio, such as carnivals, white sandy beaches and half naked ladies with dental floss bikini bottoms wedge up their perfectly formed derrières.
Yet the stories of the women who have struggled in this incredibly hostile and dangerous environment have been highlighted by a young French artist who goes simply by the name of JR. Pasting graphic portraits of these women across buildings, bridges and steps, this insightful photographer has created arresting and beautifully composed scenes across Rio. His work has spanned across 4 continents not only highlighting the hardships women in disadvantaged areas of the world have endured, but also the incredible strength of character they posses to pick up their lives and carry on regardless. Check out his work at:

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