Friday, 21 May 2010

Leon Paul Fencing co.

Fencing is the way forward.

For our latest project we have been focusing on a sport that will be part of the 2016 Brazilian Olympics. Having decided to look at fencing I thought it best to actually have a go at the sport.

Heading up to Falmouth community College Gymnasium in the rain on a Tuesday evening was not the most appealing of thoughts. However on arrival my outlook was completely altered. John 'the Fencing Guru' Walker an 80 years young fencing legend put me through my paces in the foil discipline. It's got to be said I don't think i was a natural but it was a lot of fun and I met some fantastically eccentric people! Edith has been fencing since 1967 she is 65 years old and man can that lady move! John and Ed both reenact battles around cornish heritage sights at the weekends and decided to take up fencing as a way to improve their swordsmanship and Oscar an 18 year new romantic replied when asked:
"Why did you take up fencing?"
"Because it beats getting punched in the face, by kids on the back of the school bus on a Tuesday"
eeermmm....ok Oscar, you just keep on smiling honey!

Obviously I was more interested in the equipment than learning the correct en guard position and everyone mention Leon Paul co.

It seemed that I was going to have to check out this Leon Paul Company for myself. After a brief email to Ben Paul (4th generation directing manager) he invited me up to the studio and factory in Hendon, London; where all the clothing and equipment is made.

What a place! Computerized forging machines stand a long side traditional grinders, presses, injection moulding machines, welders and sewing machines. The team are totally dedicated to producing quality equipment firmly stamped with 'Made in the UK' on the side.

Ben was incredibly helpful providing with tonnes of information and loads of fabric samples. I am so much more informed on the ways of fencing now, so a big thank you to everyone at Falmouth Fencing club and to the team at Leon Paul!

Friday, 7 May 2010

The Hung Parliament blues.

Every vote counts....

I've spent most of the night weeping into copious cups of coffee and watching the beeb's live election coverage with horrified fascination. A hung parliament with a Tory majority? People queuing up for hours and then being locked out of the Polling station at 10pm because the staff couldn't cope with the number of voters? Polling stations running out of ballot papers? As one of the longest established and reliable democracies in the world this is just shambolic to say the least. With such a high profile election that has had an unprecedented amount of media coverage these stations should have been prepared for a large voting turn out. Some polling stations tried to blame students who turned up without polling cards ( always an easy minority group to blame) but this really shouldn't of ground the polls to a halt. I would have been furious if this had happened to me especially when it seems that in many constituency's, including mine; every single vote counts.
But what angers me more is the amount of young people, students in particular who actually have a total disregard for the entire election, University College Falmouth is a renowned school of Art and Design, most students I know hold very left wing views, but because they didn't register to vote or just didn't bother to turn out on the day they now live and study in a Conservative constituency which was won by a margin of 425 votes. (

Well done kids, a big round of applause for you non-voters! Your silence and lack of interest in the politicians who control many elements that effect your day to day lives has cost you the chance to have someone stand up and fight for relevant issues that concern you as a student.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

JR and Women are Heroes.

Life in the Favelas of Rio....

The latest brief we have been given revolves around the 2016 summer olympics which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Apart from choosing an olympic sport to focus on I decided to really do my research and get under the skin of this vibrant city. I focused mainly on the communities living in the Favelas of Rio. 15% of Rio's 11.1 million strong population live below the poverty line (

Poverty, Gangs, Drug trafficking and gun crime are rife in the favelas and much of this is swept under the carpet, out of the public eye in favour of the popular images associated with Rio, such as carnivals, white sandy beaches and half naked ladies with dental floss bikini bottoms wedge up their perfectly formed derrières.
Yet the stories of the women who have struggled in this incredibly hostile and dangerous environment have been highlighted by a young French artist who goes simply by the name of JR. Pasting graphic portraits of these women across buildings, bridges and steps, this insightful photographer has created arresting and beautifully composed scenes across Rio. His work has spanned across 4 continents not only highlighting the hardships women in disadvantaged areas of the world have endured, but also the incredible strength of character they posses to pick up their lives and carry on regardless. Check out his work at:

Its all about the Models darling.

So the long awaited 1st Graduate Fashion Show for University College Falmouth is looming ever closer and the soon to be graduates are working their fingers to the bone to have their collections looking tip top. Yet we seem to be lacking enthusiasm from the gorgeous population of Cornwall to strut their stuff on the catwalk. If you feel like having a go or know someone who you think would be an excellent Naomi or Kate replacement, head over to our model casting facebook page -----

May 11 th 2010 is the first casting date, casting will take place at Woodlane Campus Cornwall 10:30am - 1:30pm. Second casting will be held 17th May 2010 at the Old Grammar School, Truro, 3pm - 7pm.

Come along and strike a pose. x