Friday, 7 May 2010

The Hung Parliament blues.

Every vote counts....

I've spent most of the night weeping into copious cups of coffee and watching the beeb's live election coverage with horrified fascination. A hung parliament with a Tory majority? People queuing up for hours and then being locked out of the Polling station at 10pm because the staff couldn't cope with the number of voters? Polling stations running out of ballot papers? As one of the longest established and reliable democracies in the world this is just shambolic to say the least. With such a high profile election that has had an unprecedented amount of media coverage these stations should have been prepared for a large voting turn out. Some polling stations tried to blame students who turned up without polling cards ( always an easy minority group to blame) but this really shouldn't of ground the polls to a halt. I would have been furious if this had happened to me especially when it seems that in many constituency's, including mine; every single vote counts.
But what angers me more is the amount of young people, students in particular who actually have a total disregard for the entire election, University College Falmouth is a renowned school of Art and Design, most students I know hold very left wing views, but because they didn't register to vote or just didn't bother to turn out on the day they now live and study in a Conservative constituency which was won by a margin of 425 votes. (

Well done kids, a big round of applause for you non-voters! Your silence and lack of interest in the politicians who control many elements that effect your day to day lives has cost you the chance to have someone stand up and fight for relevant issues that concern you as a student.

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